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Oct 8, 2012 4:25am EDT
, president obama spent the night in california at a fund raising concert in los angeles with a roster full of hollywood stars. meanwhile, mitt romney is back in the battleground state of virginia today. he will deliver a speech on foreign policy at the virginia military institute in lexington. >>> now, get ready for a month full of debates. this thursday, vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan will face off in their first and only debate before the election. then next tuesday, the 16th, president obama and mitt romney will meet for their second debate. and the third and final presidential debate takes places monday, october 22nd. >>> the virginia senate race takes the spot height tonight as tim kaine and george allow pressure face off in richmond. the race between the two former governors has been close since the start but a new poll shows kaine pulling way a little bit with 52% support and allen with 45%. 45%. >>> police catch a break in their search for find a missing girl. that is topping national headlines right now. >> plus a warning from congress involving a potential bus
Oct 15, 2012 4:25am EDT
los angeles and it ended up it took 17 hours longer than planned. but thousands of californians still lined the route, thrilled at the chance to see history in the making. i see there are trees and all kinds of things on the side offed road. they were talking about this that they had to trim some of the trees to get the shut toll come through. i read it was supposed to take a certain amount of miles per hour for it to get there. it was even less than that. it was like one mile per hour. >> at points, they were like five inchs from some buildings. >> that is typical of l.a. traffic. >> right. >> that is a good point. >> it was just the interstate traffic. >> really long red light there. >> and let's do a weather forecast for you. and gorgeous day yesterday. >> we had windows open. we had temperatures in the mid- 70s. 76 the official high yesterday at reagan national. 74 at bull des and bwi marshall. it won't be quite as warm today but it still feels pretty good out there this morning. low 70s today as we get some changes in the form of a cold front which will be marching through the ar
Oct 18, 2012 4:25am EDT
.s. from bank los angeles debra? january on a student versace a he attended southeast missouri state during the spring semester studying cybersecurity. in july, he contactsed a confidential informant saying he wanted to form a terror cell. he met with undercover agents in september telling them he wanted to become a martyr for al-qaeda. he chose the target of the federal reserve and was supplied with enactive materials to make a 1,000 pound bach. official say he made several attempts to detonate it in lower manhattan and was then arrested. peter king says the fbi rightly let this one play out. >> they did not want this case to break out in the open as quickly as it did because they wanted to try to get more information out of him as to possible other al-qaeda operatives here in the united states. i have have no reason to believe he is not a lone wolf other than the fact that during the course of the investigation, he did talk about having contact back in bangladesh and in yemen also, i believe. >> the fbi stresses that the plot never posed an actual risk. there was no allegation that he rec
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3